What Does Hornby OO Have To Offer?

Welcome to Hornby oo  site. This is the gauge where you can buy trains and accessories including new locomotives, track, buildings and spares to make any fantastic railway layout.












Hornby OO Gauge

The oo gauge is one of the most popular gauge's today which means half of O gauge. Hornby was at first a trade name for the model railway productions of Meccano Ltd and based in Liverpool, which released its first train set, a clockwork 0 gauge (1:48) model, in 1920. An electric train soon followed but was under-designed and the few that were made were sold out in France. Later on Hornby oo  train was made being  half the size of the O gauge. This made it a lot easier for layouts to find their way into peoples houses as they would obviously take up less room.

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Hornby oo Construction

 Hornby oo  also create a range of  model railway buildings. Thanks to the success of their 00 gauge trains the buildings, which they call Skaledale are sold under the Hornby umbrella. Many of the buildings are of the same design but made in the different scales to save the cost of designing a new model . You can buy stations from just a wayside halt type of affair to a terminus style building with canopies if required. A level crossing is good addition to many layouts and can enhance the integration of the road rail look in a small area. these level crossing are supplied in a single or double oo track form. Couple this all together with some  town buildings and people figures to complete your scenery. These accessories will complement  any oo gauge railway from steam to electric and with the aid of weathering the buildings can give an either just built or old long ago look. Driving your Live steam  Mallard through more realistic scenery or controlling the Flying Scotsman through a well designed town makes an oo scale seem so much more fun.

Hornby OO Production

 Production of some of  Hornby’s products come from their Chinese manufacturing operations. There are now four separate factories turning out Hornby OO model cars and trains. The cars are labelled as 1.76 scale which is equivalent to oo gauge. A steady stream of containers leaves China for the UK to keep up with the new demand that keeps this hobby alive today. The Hornby oo train sets arrive all pre-packaged and wrapped all ready the shop outlets.  It was about 10 years ago that the company’s then executive chairman, Peter Newey, noted with concern that some of Hornby’s competitors had moved their  manufacturing in China. To keep up with demand and stay buoyant in a very competitive market the Hornby oo range would have to follow suit. With the trend changing in today's market and people now wanting things like track packs, the model train market is moving forwards..

Hornby OO Model Railway

Hornby oo model railways offer a wide variety with respect to size, style and colour. Quite often, model railways feature sophisticated electronic components that can make their operation as realistic as the real thing. With the addition of real steam and the introduction of DCC enables the modeller to add sound and working lights to their  model train sets. Thus making their Hornby oo gauge model railway become more life like than ever before. One of the advantages of buying this gauge over the smaller N gauge is that there is still far more accessories available and to add DCC to older models is presumed to be far less fiddly due to size. You can also buy Hornby DCC train sets in oo gauge straight off the shelf making it a lot easier than some of the other gauges to get going straight away with everything ready straight out of the box. If you are into sound on your loco then the new sound chips for engines like the Hornby oo class 37 can sound very realistic indeed.

Why Hornby Model Railways Are Fun?

Model railways are fun and should offer long-lasting pleasure. Everyone has the ability  to derive pleasure from this hobby, regardless of the availability of space, money, experience or whatever.  The fun aspect of the Hornby oo range is you can start of with just a small oval  if necessary and as your imagination grows, so can your vision and your train layout. The High-speed trains especially the Hornby OO 125 seem to have a high appeal to model railway enthusiasts. It is probably because young modellers, who have never seen steam trains and branch lines in their full glory, only know of main passenger line traffic which they have seen or been on before. For many it is like taking a part of the world you live in home with you. With Freight trains are now handled on large industrial areas far away from residential areas they are rarely seen by many people and so this could be the reason why the passenger  train sets are very popular. Today you can still find a mixture of electric and diesel electric locomotives pulling goods and passenger trains on certain major routes, so it is not uncommon to see such locos as the class 47 still gracing our tracks even though they were built back in the sixties.  Oo modellers have a big advantage that their Hornby oo layout can be as big or as small as their own imagination. When you buy a Hornby railway or train set, there may be times when you need Hornby spares to keep your locomotive running. These can be found on the net or certain Hornby dealers depending on what you are looking for. You may even need to add some coaches or Hornby rolling stock to add to your locomotives if the present Hornby oo set does not come with enough.






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